Sunday, November 17, 2013

Cincinnato "Atmosfere E Sensazioni" Usignolo UST 334 1980 Rip @320K Rare Italian Library!

  I've only heard about 6 records from the italian library label, Usignolo.  Needless to say they are incredibly rare.  There was a progressive rock group called Cincinnato from around this same time, I don't know if they are the ones behind this record or if it was another group with the same name. This record is not progressive rock at all though, here you have beautiful solo instrument pieces sounding almost like Eric Satie arrangements.   First five songs are solo classical guitar pieces remarkably played by Roberto Magri then the rest of side A is solo Hammond Organ with a very dark horror movie mood.  Side 2 starts with 4 songs of Harmonium and lastly a few songs consisting of a duet of Clarinet and piano.  Even though these are solo instrument pieces, the song writing is top notch and can and hopefully will send you to faraway psychedelic lands.  So please enjoy my rip @320K from my personal collection and don't forget to leave a comment!
Thanks, Chris Tillotson                       GET IT HERE!

Preview 2 songs: S.Ta Cruz & Profumo Di Parigi


  1. Thanks! Can't wait to hear it!

  2. Didn't hear yet, but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna like it.
    I'm a huge fan of italian libraries, and this is a wonderful gap filler too.
    Thanks a lot.


    1. No problem Greta, and thanks for your Usignolo posts on the forum. I got one more Usignolo I will post today too, hope you like it.

  3. Of gloomy night an owls night cry,
    pierced through my soul your lullaby.

  4. Thank you very much

    Just out of curiosity, do you possibly have 'Structures Percussions' by Charles Bellonzi & Robert Viger,
    'Music Of Today / Music Of Tomorrow' by Eddie Warner & Nino Nardini or ‎'Telecineradio Volume 11' by Paul Bonneau?

  5. Sorry I don't have those records, they are in my wantlist too. I plan on owning all the PSI & L'Illustration Musicale stuff at some point but if I'll achieve that goal.......HAHA

  6. Thank you for your reply. I am looking everywhere for them myself also. I wish you the best of luck.