Monday, November 4, 2013

Masato Shimon "Brave Raideen" OST- BGM Columbia CX-7003 Rip@320K Japanese Anime Psych Funk

Amazing unkown rare record here, tons of funk beats, brass and balls, all done with a spy chase vibe.  All these Nippon Columbia BGM records were made so well, with thick cardboard, full detailed inserts and heavy vinyl, it's hard to believe any of their quality being less than VG+, even 30 years later.  Luckily most of mine still have the OBI strip still attached as well, because the advertisements on the back have become a sort of wish list for me.  I've still seen some ridiculously low prices on this record, so if you see one, swoop it up while you still can!  From my personal collection rip@320K Enjoy! Chris Tillotson   GET IT HERE!


  1. this has some excellent stuff, thanks a lot. C'mon guys give him some thanks :)

  2. Hi Chris, great Jap stuff you're posting..
    Thanks a lot.
    I want to ask you: what year is this Brave Raideen from?

  3. Hi Greta, Brave Raideen aired from 1975 to 1976 so I'm assuming music was made around that time. Many of these columbia releases were released a bit after the show aired, so I can't be sure when the official record release date was.

  4. many many thanks!!!!

  5. My favorite anime in my childhood.
    Many thanks!

  6. you're lucky I grew up with GI Joe and He Man, I wish those soundtracks sounded like this.