Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Peter Thomas "Sound Music Album 6" Golden Ring 1973? Rip@320K Fuzzy Funky Freakout!

    These are the kind of library records I always hope to find!  I like to think of 5&6 like Peter Thomas's lost weekend or something.  Just experimenting with friends all wasted with the tape machine running.  Tons of synth, probably the Tho-Wi-Phon he invented, wobbly bass, and the most amazing octave fuzz guitar tone.  Many of the tracks remind me of the Krautrock bands of the time like Guru Guru or Can.  I don't know if all of these came in a generic sound music jacket but this one did, and there is no date printed anywhere.  If 5 came out in 1973 and 7 came out in 1975, I would assume this one came out in 1973 cause the style is almost the same as 5.  Unfortunately I do not own a personal copy of Sound Music Album 5, thus I will not post it.  There are plenty of rips floating around the net though, and if you do a little search I'm sure you will find it, and please do, because that one is a true psych masterpiece.  So enjoy this fresh rip @320K from my personal collection and don't forget to leave a comment!  Thanks, Chris Tillotson
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  1. thanks again for keeping those fine albums
    coming our way.

  2. Thank you again for another upgrade Chris.

  3. The copy I have is tagged 1974, but it could be wrong, and also have a back cover. Just in case you're interested. It might have been a different release.

    1. Thanks Greta, looks like it was 1974 according to your back cover scan.