Saturday, November 16, 2013

Peter Thomas Best-Compiled By Starving Daughters- 51 songs of utter brilliance

      Here is a compilation of Peter Thomas with some Sten Clift stuff too, that I made.  Most of the tracks are from the Sound Music Albums I already posted and his soundtracks for "Raumpatrouille" & "Chariots of The Gods".  I always like to make these for myself simply for a consistent pleasurable listen.  I hope you enjoy it and please leave comments!          GET IT HERE!
Track List is as follows: Song Title/Album Title

1.Astral Snow/Sound Music Album 5                            27.Union Beat/Sound Music Album 3
2.Bolero On The Moon Rocks/Raumpatrouille               28.Wings/Sound Music Album 5
3.Documentation/Sound Music Album 3                        29.Phasing Violins/Sound Music Album 6 4.Dark Natur A/Sound Music Album 7                          30.Screws/Sound Music Album 4
5.Mars Close Up/Orion 2000                                        31.Pulsation A/Sound Music Album 7
6.Dromedar Called Itzenplitz/Sound Music Album 6       32.Space Patrol/Raumpatrouille
7.Sound Colours A/Sound Music Album 7                     33.Spindle/Sound Music Album 5
8.Science Warefare/Sound Music Album 4                    34.Speed Boats/Sound Music Album 4
9.Returning To The Stars/Chariots Of The Gods            35.Neutron/Sound Music Album 2
10.Coordinates Meeting/Sound Music Album 5              36.Onanirato/Sound Music Album 6         11.Easy Action/Sound Music Album 7                           37.Silver Drops/Sound Music Album 3
12.Two Is More Than One/Sound Music Album 6         38.Hedono/Orion 2000
13.Schizostrings/Sound Music Album 4                         39.Electric Cats/Sound Music Album 5
14.Alien Lands/Sound Music Album 2                           40.Espionage Under Water/Sound Music2
15.To Fly The Canyon/Sound Music Album 3               41.Stop Press/Sound Music Album 3
16.Meeting Palermo/Orion 2000                                    42.Orion 2000/Raumpatrouille
17.The Murderer Approaches/Sound Music Album 4      43.Evening Air A/Sound Music Album 7
18.Apartmenthouse/Sound Music Album 6                     44.Hektography 1/Sound Music Album 4
19.Stars And Rockets/Chariots Of The Gods                  45.Departure/Sound Music Album 3
20.Corruption/Sound Music Album 2                             46.Flirtation/Sound Music Album 6
21.Action Starts/Sound Music Album 4                          47.Flash Point/Orion 2000
22.Transcendant Flower/Sound Music Album 6              48.Building Site/Sound Music Album 4
23.Lazer/Sound Music Album 5                                     49.Lancet Bossa Nova/Raumpatrouille
24.March Of  The Marsmen/Sound Music Album 6         50.Malaparte Sinus/Orion 2000
25.Critisism Of Our Time/Sound Music Album 4             51.Evarella 2073/Sound Music Album 5
26.Under Control/Orion 2000


  1. Thank you Chris for this fantastic journey in to the Thomas world!

  2. Just checking this out now. Very nice. Bolero on the Moon Rocks is my jam so far

    1. Hell yeah Josh, Bolero On The Moon is a favourite of mine too, glad you're digging homey