Friday, November 8, 2013

Peter Thomas & Sten Clift "Sound Music Album 3" Golden Ring 1973 Rip @320K

     Continuing on with Golden Ring, another awesome record by Thomas & Clift.  Described as a backdrop for "City Traffic"  many of the songs on side 1 depict a jazzy bewilderment of being in a big city for the first time.  Side 2 starts with "Stop Press" and things turn psychotic and murdurous with dark spy jazz.  Standouts for me are, "Documentation" with its incredible drumming and "To Fly The Canyon" with its beautiful recording.  So enjoy this from my personal collection and leave comments if you dig. Thanks, Chris Tillotson                  GET IT HERE!


  1. thank you very much for making this wonderful series available.
    can't wait for the next in line...
    much appreciated.

  2. I dig! Thank you.

  3. Thank you for these jewels! What about album 1 ?? Please.