Sunday, October 13, 2013

Alberto Baldan Bembo "Codice d' Amore Orientale" 1974 320K

Another Phenomenal record from Alberto Baldan Bembo.  He recorded this under the name Blue Marvin Orchestra, along with the Arp Sinthesyzer 2600 record.  Contained here is the psych juggernaut, "Kamasutra", which might be the heaviest song about spiritual love making I've ever heard.  The rest of the album is pretty much all killer no filler, with some nice, jazzy guitar shredding going on throughout.  Unfortunately, the copy i own has a little bit of water damage to it, which resulted in a sort of buzz on a couple of the tracks, but until i can afford to buy a nice minty copy, this is what i got.  So, please enjoy another grail from my personal collection at 320K.  Chris Tillotson Get It Here!


  1. One of my favorites! This rip is a much welcome upgrade to my copy. Thanks so much for sharing your rips here =)

  2. Just wanted to thank you for all your wonderful posts here. I've been downloading off and on from you & discovering new beauties every time I visit :-) Thanx ever so much.
    Kind regards,
    Mischa from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.