Saturday, October 26, 2013

Senay "Benim Olursan" 45' Turkish Psych Masterpiece@320K

Top 5 fav turkish songs, hands down.   First of all, that bass, even compared to the Italian dudes, this bass player is killing it.  What is this bass players deal, he could have dialed it in and collected his studio musician paycheck, but no he's like, "I'm came to destroy and please turn me up in the mix."  If the bass isn't enough for you, the beautiful melodies and psych flourishes should sell you on this masterpiece of music.  There is a tad bit of noise to the recording, but it's a 40 year old record from Turkey what did you expect.  From my personal collection @320K.  Chris Tillotson


  1. I'm listening to your tracks while I'm at work. This is my favorite. Can we go to Turkey on holiday?


  2. thanks for this, check out my blog if you like more turkish psychedelic :

    1. No problem Trpsyche, your blog is dope, I love turkish psych, I need to start buying more turkish records, I've focused more on other genres lately but I'm glad you're dedicating a whole blog to it, that's awesome!