Saturday, October 5, 2013


This Blog is dedicated to sharing the cream of all the records i've come across,mainly instrumental soundtrack and library music or prog and psych from europe and turkey.  These posts are from my personal vinyl collection, and most are originals.   I will also make compilations of artists or library labels, giving a sort of "Best Of" for that Composer.  I hope that everyone reading this blog understands that i'm doing this out of total love for the records that were created and before I bought my records I usually downloaded them for free.  I also offer my music for free download here, or you can buy our limited vinyl pressing if you want as well. So Please enjoy.  Chris Tillotson


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    1. Awesome Orgasmo, I know from your website that you love these composers as much as me and I'm happy to welcome you to my little blog. Please keep making your music I'm also a fan

  2. Wow! I just finished browsing the whole blog, from end to the beginning. And then I see Orgasmo Sonore commenting. Recently I came across Rino de Filippi's L'Erba di Prima, by Orgasmo Sonore. I kept listening to it few times a day 4 days in a row.
    Good to see he recognized your work Chris! Cheers for both of you!

  3. Merci pour toute cette superbe musique