Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Charles Orieux "Illustration Songs" Chappell CHA 009 197? 320K

This is the only album i've heard by Charles Orieux, but i do love it.  Doing a discogs search, he does have a few other albums from the 70's  that are labeled as disco of all things, but this album is definitely not disco at all.  I would say they are mostly very groovin jams with a positive sunny vibe.  "England One" is one of the most rocking jams of the entire series with its crazy guitar and drum fills, yet it is plagued by a pretty cheesy middle section.  "Sonia Girl" makes me feel the way a Carpenteners song makes me feel (if that makes sense) with it's synth sweeps and steady beautiful piano stabs.  From my personal collection, check it now! Enjoy! Chris Tillotson
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