Saturday, October 26, 2013

Japanese Acid Soaked Anime Funk Music!!!!

For the past year I've been obsessed with Japanese music.  Everything from Anime to police, crime soundtracks.  It seems like Japanese stuff is still pretty obscure, except for "Mystery Kindaichi band", which is currently selling for $400 to $500 mint(Ridiculous!).  But as I'm sure many others know, there are plenty of other killer records that should be in that caliber.  I have collected a shitload of anime records this last year that I plan on posting, to get the english word out on these insane records.  It's funny, I have not seen any of these movies, but I do have some friends that tell me old school anime is where it's at.  So if you pay attention to my blog at all, keep checking the Japanese Label on the right.  and make sure to pick up these forgotten gems. Chris Tillotson


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  2. my ode to japan...60s-70s old japanese funk megamix...

  3. Hell yeah Tripmaster I'm going check your megamix as soon as I get a chance. Thanks dog

  4. Did you mean the record pictured? as this is my general post for all the Japanese stuff I'll be posting in the future. I'll post the record pictured here next though.

  5. Hello!

    Since 2008 I've been trying to figure out the artist and title of this track without success: DJ Mitsu the Beats Library Mix Track 8

    I've tried to ask Mr. DJ Mitsu himself on twitter, and he replied me (

    @mitsu_the_beats check this one.

    I've asked on discogs if this track was on this album, and an user replied me (

    "It's not on this record, that 8th track in the DJ Mitsu-mix, even though the sound & production is very similar."

    Another user, on "Library Mix" page on told that the eight track was Peak Power, by Steve Gray (

    I've found this album to download and "Peak Power", by Steve Gray is a totally different track. I've listened to the whole album and the eight track by DJ Mitsu is not there.

    So, I'm here, begging for your mercy and help. DOES ANYONE THERE KNOWS WHICH TRACK IS THAT?

    Thanks in advance and best regards!

  6. Great stuff!, I collect a bit myself here: - mostly BGM LPs from 70s-80s series from Japan.