Friday, October 25, 2013

Zafer Dilek "Oyun Havalari" 1977 Devir Original Pressing 320K

Oh to be Zafer Dilek, you get to have dope sideburns, smoke turkish cigs, and chill with weird naked babes, and above all else, write some insane music.   This is his third album and it is a bit more pumped up than the previous.   Not much moog here but everything else remains.   Important to note that somehow none of his records have been reissued, so you're only chance at owning these masterpieces is to buy an original, and if you wait it out, can get one for around $100, the second one a bit more than this one.   So check these jams from my personal collection at 320K Enjoy!  Chris Tillotson  GET IT HERE!


  1. there is a actual cd re-issue in turkey of this, digipak cd, thanks

    1. Awesome I wasn't aware, hopefully they'll issue a vinyl reissue at some point too, it deserves it for sure.

    2. Yeah, there's a reissue all right, but if you Google a bit, you'll see that the label had someone Photoshop red fabric over the dancer's BRESSST!
      Boo hiss on prudes!!!