Thursday, October 31, 2013

Caravelli "April Orchestra Vol.16" 1977 320K Happy Halloween!

I'm currently on vacation in New Orleans for Halloween and I thought I would take a break to share some Halloween treats for y'all.  Hear is one of my favourite library records, and I think it's the best horror movie soundtrack that never was.  This is as evil sounding as strings, bass and drums can get, so amazing.  Most of you library collectors already know this classic, but for everyone else, get this now.  I like this just as much as any Goblin Or Frizzi soundtrack, maybe more!  From my personal collection, Enjoy@320K Chris Tillotson  GET IT HERE!


  1. I just thought I would have a comment for this post as there is none. This album is so amazing! Especially knowing Caravelli is best known for cheesy musak, this one stand out in his discography. It features one of the most menacing bass sounds I ever heard. Damn saturated analog recoding to tape, you can't beat this with a computer, even with 4375438 plug-ins!

    1. Definitely the craziest bass sound. I record my own music at home too, and I think any recording engineer can appreciate the groundbreaking production this record has. If they only made a Caravelli plug in, haha