Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Joss Baselli & Tony Rallo "Rhythm And Melody" Chappell CHA 005 197? 320K

 Three great songs on this one,"Syncope and Riffs" "Pic And Poney" and "Ice and Fire". Pic And Poney has that classical scales thing going on that would make Gershon kingsley proud, and i love pretty much anything with a classical funk vibe, you can't go wrong.  This one is also from my personal collection, enjoy.  I'm also gonna go ahead and include a link to Johanna Group's "Strange Love Action" Chappell CHA 006, that i got over at Maiorov Simpletons Library Blog, where he got it from i'm not sure, so thanks to the original uploader.  Get Rhythm And Melody Here!             Get Strange Love Action Here!


  1. Famous french accordionist Jo Basil, playing here with e-accordion. And a guitar of Rallo.
    Thank you. Nice indeed.