Monday, October 21, 2013

Gerardo Iacoucci & H. Caiage "L'Aventure" St Germain Des Pres st GDP 116- Italian Psych Holy Grail!

Wow, this library record is quite the shit.  Lots of insane drum beats, fuzz and experimental exploration.  Most of Iacoucci's stuff i've heard, other than this, is more in the experimental psych dept. but this thing is more up my alley.  Just listen to Caiage's "Violence", which is propelled by it's percussion rather than bass lines, which is quite a contrast to most bass busy italian jams.  Iacoucci's, "Le Cap" is just insane when the drums and organ kick in, everthing gets all "phasy", so sick.  "Production Industrielle" might be my favourite song based on oscillating sfx.  So check another grail from my personal collection at 320K. Chris Tillotson      GET IT HERE!

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