Friday, October 18, 2013

Franco Micalizzi "Stridulum" 1979 Italian Soundtrack Holy Grail Vinyl Rip 320K

This is my favourite Micalizzi record, so heavy,so funky and just so good.  As i was ripping this last night, i was just head banging the entire time, haha.  This horror movie was also known as "The Visitor" and IMDB describes the movie as, "The story of a young girl with telekinetic powers becomes the prize in a fight between forces of God and the Devil." My favourite jam is, "Sadness Theme Second Part," with its smooth jazz guitar melody.  Any description with smooth jazz in it and I would be turned off too, but I seriously can't get enough of it, I even think my band, Starving Daughters will try to cover that song at some point.  "Running Away From Jerzy" is another standout, instantly kicking ass with its scaling strings,space out efx,and ripping drums.  So, get boozed, jam the soundclips and download this rare, holy grail record, from my personal collection.  Get It Here!


  1. Thanks man. Dope blog!!

  2. Absolutely heavenly! Thank you, thank you, thank you! :-)

  3. Wow I've been looking everywhere for this album..thanks i really appreciate your blog