Friday, October 18, 2013

Franco Micalizzi "Laure" Original Acetate Vinyl Rip 320K

Ok, well here is a blog exclusive, the original acetate for the soundtrack, "Laure", by Franco Micalizzi.  I saw this on ebay and couldn't believe it, not only is the actual release so rare that i've never seen it, but the original acetate, holy shit.  For those that aren't familiar with the term acetate, from wikipedia, "Unlike ordinary vinyl records, which are quickly formed from lumps of plastic by a mass-production molding process, a so-called acetate disc is created by using a recording lathe to cut an audio-signal-modulated groove into the surface of a special laquer-coated blank disc, a real-time operation requiring expensive,delicate equipment and expert skill for good results.  They are made for special purposes, almost never for sale to the general public.  They can be played on any normal record player but will suffer from wear more quickly than vinyl.  Some Acetates are  highly prized for their rarity, especially when they contain unpublished material."
     I don't know if this was used for the final pressings or as demos, but I can tell you the sound is impeccable and the dope jams are on here.   As for the music, Micalizzi sounds uncharateristically like, Jean Claude Vannier & Serge Gainsbourg records,which i would consider, chilled out psych funk.  So check the amazing soundtrack to this Italian porno movie, from my personal collection, Enjoy!  Get It Here!


  1. wOwie
    nice catch Chris
    thanx for the rip & scans
    very interesting piece of history
    mind if i ask how much that went for ?

    1. No problem bud, I got this for 112 british pounds or 180 us dollars. I'm so jealous of english and european countries cause they get all the records for half the price I pay but unfortunately for me most the records I want are from Europe so shipping also costs an arm and a leg, especially from Italy. This should of sold for way more but I guess people were sleeping on this one.

  2. zOwie
    thats still alotta ramen
    molte grazie for sharing this artifact

  3. HAHA I know I got a serious problem! at some point it seemed OK to spend all my money on records. I just can't kick that got to have it feeling.

  4. Thanks bro. I think thats a cheap price maybe for an acetate record like this.
    Also you livin in the us , i think is better record wise. I dont know tho, cause i want lots of records made in the us, but shipping is abitch nowadays. 18 dollars for one record!!

    Anyways thanks for this. Dope blog!

  5. I also purchased this LP. The reason why it went for so cheap is because not many people are aware of it's original RCA release. Not even some very seasoned Italian sellers are aware of it. Top notch score! I paid a lot more for my copy haha.

  6. Thanks for your input Mr. Wallace, for a long time I also wasn't aware of it's original RCA release but I never expected to pay less than 500 bones for this masterpiece especially it's acetate. But for every record you underpaid for, theres plenty that we overpaid for, you know what I mean! HAhA. PS your collection and blog is max inspiring, you definitely got all the goods.

  7. Hi Chris – wonderful post. I have the Laure LP on RCA and these tracks are different than what's on the LP, aside from the difference in track order. The Laure theme on this acetate has the French male and female lead vocals, while the LP has an instrumental version and a dubbed version with chorus vocals. Thankfully Manille is on both copies – which takes the cake in my opinion! Greetings from San Francisco.

  8. Outstanding. Many thanks.

  9. Thank you so much for all the unfindables you brought us.