Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Paul Piot & Alice Malakina "Paul Piot And Co." Chappell CHA 008 197? 320K

Between his dance and mood music and telemusic releases, this is my favourite of his.  Paul and Alice Malakina cover alot of ground here between heavy psych ,Bossa, and Spaghetti Western.  Sometimes this album sounds like Janko Nilovic to me, which is a great thing.  "Yogarhythm" and "Clear Tintinnabulation" are the clear stoundouts to me,  With the latter being so dark and beautiful, if i walked in on a band playing anything like that i might shit my pants, i can only hope.  Anywho, please enjoy another album from my personal collection at 320Kbps, Chris Tillotson Get it Here!

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