Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Harley Toberman "Thoughts In Time" Production EFX Library EL 106 1982 320K

I just picked this up, so i thought i would post it, as i don't think anyone else has yet.   It's a pretty sick record that was privately released by Harley Toberman in 1982.  This is his 6th and final Record in the series and seems to be his only one that actually contains music, but i could be wrong. The message on the back reads, "people said my music wasn't commercial and i guess that's true, cause i could never sell any of it".  So i guess he decided to make library albums because his music was more visual, which makes a whole lot of sense.  The songs are extremely varied, from electronic tinkering, to full drum jamming and he says they span many years of late nights with friends.  Apparently Cut Chemist sampled a song from here as well.  So, check these tracks, and props to Harley Toberman for doing his own thing.  Enjoy!  Chris Tillotson
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