Monday, October 14, 2013

Braen's Machine (Alessandroni & De Filippi) "Temi Ritmici E Dinamici" Liuto 197? 320K

This is probably my favourite record i own, it's very special to me.  I downloaded this from somewhere a while back and totally fell in love with it. I searched. what seemed like forever and finally found it.  Braen's Machine on this album is a pseudonym for either Giolamo Ugolini or Alessandro Alessandroni and Awake(Rino De Filippi).  I feel like there was a bunch of controversy over who had a hand in these compositions but for me I have to go by my ears.  Yes Awake is only credited to the second half of this masterpiece but come on just listen to the odd timing harpsichord stabs, jazzy chord changes, you can't tell me Filippi didn't have a hand in side A.  Also Alessandroni is in my opinion (which ain't worth shit) also a main contributer, not only did they record numerous records together, including Underground  but this record is Braen's Machine, not Ugolini's machine, I'm just saying.   A major departure from their previous record, "Underground", instead of  psych fuzz, we get a laid back funk album. Supposedly, this album was used for some Italian television sports broadcasts.  I have to say, the standout for me is the bass playing, it is so incredible, i couldn't imagine ever coming up with that kind of melodic and rhythmic magic.  The drums for both Braen's Machine albums are very distinct, super compressed and driving, i really dig it.   So as "Underground" just melts my brain, this album just makes me feel very happy, and i'll take some happiness any day. From my personal collection, Enjoy!            GET IT HERE!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing those beauties!

  2. wow. this is an amazing record. i must say you have excellent taste! thank you for sharing!

  3. Your very welcome, and thanks for the kind words guys.

  4. thanx Chris
    sweet Liuto rip
    the last track however
    (Aspetti Grotteschi) has a skip
    a quarter on the tone arm might fix it ; )

  5. There's a better one even than this! It's called Underground from 1971.
    Let me know if you want a digicopy.

    1. To me this is more of a solid album than underground but I think most would agree with you that Undergound is better. I've had a digicopy for ages now, but if you could offer me a real copy for under 500 bucks I would be forever grateful.

  6. I thought as much..... Alas, can't help.

  7. Thanks for this! Hoping for a re-release on vinyl soon given the recent spate.